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Dog Days of Summer....

Please keep your pets safe during high temperatures and traveling season.

A few summertime reminders.

Vacationing: Have a plan for your pets, whether they are going along, going to a boarding facility or hanging out with family or friends.

  • If pets are going along, make sure they are current on vaccinations and that you have proof of vaccinations along. If you are flying with pets, make sure to call airlines in advance to make sure you have all paperwork necessary, most air travel requires a health certificate from your veterinarian, within 10 days of travel. If you are traveling to other areas, make sure you are aware of prevalent diseases for that area. For instance, any dogs traveling to central or northern Minnesota, should be Lyme vaccinated and on name brand flea/tick preventative. Tick borne diseases are very prevalent. Anyone that heads south, Heartworm disease is much more prevalent from the central Midwest and south. Make sure your pet is on monthly heartworm preventative. If you are traveling to areas where rattlesnakes are present and you will be doing a lot of camping/hiking. Look into vaccinating against this.

  • If boarding, make sure pets are vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to stay, this gives their immune system time to work. Make sure kennel is aware of any medications or special care instructions. For boarding or staying with others, make sure the pet has identification, in case it would escape. Also make sure there is a plan if emergency care is needed. Veterinary clinics require payment at time of services.

Along for the ride: Please leave pets home, on hot days! Vehicle temperatures raise 20 degrees every 10 mins on warm days. Cracking windows does not significantly change vehicle temperatures.

Walks: Be aware of asphalt and sidewalk temperatures!

Heat Stress: Brachiocephalic breeds do not tolerate heat well (pugs, bostons, pitbulls, boxers, bulldogs, shih tzu, pekingese...) . Nordic breeds do not tolerate heat well (huskies, malamutes, newfoundlands, bernese mountian dog, saint bernard....) Puppies of all breeds and any dogs that are not accustomed to warmer temperatures do not tolerate heat well.

Signs of heat stress: Change in gum color (bright red or pale)

Excessive panting/ drooling

Rapid pulse, rapid breathing

Dizziness or disorientation

Vomiting/ diarrhea

Muscle tremors


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