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April Showers bring....

Just wanted to do a little reminder as we see another wave of new Puppies and Kittens. Both need a series of vaccines!! Your 6 week old puppy/kitten is not fully vaccinated... it may be current on vaccines... but it will only be current for 3-4 weeks. Make sure to schedule a new puppy/kitten exam as soon as you get them, so we can keep them up to date on vaccines.

Puppies: Need vaccines at 6,9,12, and 16 weeks of age. This is vaccinating against Distemper/Hepatitis/Adenovirus/Parvo/Parainfluenza/Lepto. If their timing is off, or not started until later, they still need two vaccines at or after 12 weeks of age. Rabies can be given at 16 weeks. If the puppy will go to kennel, training, groomer, or doggie daycare... they also need Bordetella vaccine. If you vacation in central or northern MN, especially if camping or on the lake, you should consider Lyme vaccines (this is 2 series, starting at 12wks) . Deworming should also be done, can be started as early as 4 weeks, but should have at least 2 rounds of it, or a fecal should be checked.

Kittens: Vaccines are also at 6,9,12, and 16 weeks. This is vaccinating against Rhinotrachetitis/Calici/Panleukopenia/Chlamydia. Rabies at 16 weeks. They also need two at or after 12 weeks of age. If the cat will spend anytime outside or with unvaccinated cats, they should also have Feline leukemia vaccine (series of 2, starting at 12 weeks of age). Deworming also should be preformed. If you are bringing a stray kitten into your household... the kitten should be tested for FIV/Feline Leukemia Virus prior to commingling. These immunodeficiency viruses are contagious and non curable.

Rabies- There is NOT a cure, rRabies is a fatal disease, once signs have began. Most mammals are susceptible to it... that includes us!!!! Most common reservoir in MN is bats.... next would be skunks. Any bite exposure to an abnormally acting bat, or other animal that does not have a known vaccination status, does warrant sending it for testing. Rabies testing can only be performed on deceased animals. In MN, there is not a state wide law, in regards to vaccinations. All of the rabies requirements at set by your county or city. Tracy requires any dog or cat that is housed within the city limits to be current on Rabies vaccinations.

Fun Fact: Most of the creepy crawly things that dogs and cats can get, WE CAN TOO!!! The parasites (hooks, rounds, whips, tapes, fleas, ticks) are zoonotic. Ringworm (fungus not actual worm) is also zoonotic and commonly seen on outdoor kittens. So please practice good hygiene, especially for children... lots of hand washing!!!!

Health Recap: 6wk, 9wk, 12wk, 16wks.... then annually

6 months (or older for giant breeds) Spay and Neuter

Monthly flea/tick control and dewormer (HW prevention for dogs)


Be Respectful of our time... Brockway Brown Veterinary Clinic, in Tracy, is open M-F 8-5pm, Sat 8-12pm. Our Lamberton Clinic only has a doctor one day a week, so we are rarely able to see emergencies at that location. If you call the Tracy Clinic number outside of these business hours, you will reach a voicemail. The voicemail clearly states that if this is an emergency, leave your name, phone number and brief message of what is going on. If your call hasn't been returned within 15-20mins feel free to try again, because either we are unavailable or did not receive the first voicemail. As stated, if your emergency call is not returned in a timely manner, we are likely unavailable. For Small Animal Emergencies, if you cannot connect with us, All City Pet Care South (605-335-4004), in Sioux Falls, is a 24hr staffed emergency clinic, please direct your calls to them. If you call after hours for anything to do with scheduling or a patients file, your call will not be returned until normal business hours. Both doctors have many responsibilities outside of the clinic, we try to be available for emergencies, but there are times we are not. Be respectful of our personal time, so we can continue to offer after hours services.

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