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"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." Albert Einstein

Wow, 2023 is already come and gone. Thank you to all of those in our local community and in our veterinary community, that helped us get through another year. Thank you to all of our loyal clients that continue to trust us with your pet and livestock needs. Here's to another trip around the sun... with happy, healthy animals and their owners! Here's a few updates on new products, product availability and other important things to note.

In Small Animal, there are a couple new products to mention. We now are able to offer a new option for osteoarthritis in both dogs and cats. These new products are monoclonal antibody injections, that carry fewer side effects than previous options. Solensia and Librela are the new feline and canine products, respectively. They are each once a month injection, to control pain associated with joint changes. Please call the office for more information. We have also been carrying Nexgard Plus, this is the once a month tablet that covers fleas, ticks, heartworm prevention, roundworms, hookworms. This allows coverage of all, with one pill instead, of giving both Nexgard and Heartgard. ( If you have a picky pet, ask us for a free sample!)

If you haven't noticed.... it has been a very mild winter, until this week, THERE ARE STILL FLEAS!!!!! Make sure you are still using preventatives!!!

For any of you that received a new bundle of joy for Christmas.... make sure you get them scheduled for their puppy and kitten checks. These little guys need exams, vaccinations and deworming. These little guys need to start their vaccines around 6-8 weeks of age, needing re-boostering every 3-4 weeks, until 16 weeks of age.

Ideal Protocol

Puppy: 6 weeks DAPPL2 Kitten: 6 weeks FVRCP

9 weeks DAPPL2 9 weeks FVRCP

12 weeks DAPPL2 12 weeks FVRCP/Leukemia

16 weeks DAPPL2, Rabies 16 weeks FVRCP/Leukemia, Rabies

(These are the core vaccines, for dogs.... Bordetella, Influenza, Lyme vaccinations are other commonly recommended vaccines, depending on exposure.)

Food Animal

We are still struggling with allocations and backorders on some products. We are trying our best to keep things stocked. We may have to go with alternatives, but have been able to keep things pretty well covered.

Penicillin hasn't been a problem for most of this year. PennChlor on the swine side is still a struggle to keep in stock.

Tulathromycin continues to drop in price. With the generics available, both Draxxin and the generic options took a little bit of a cut at end of year. We currently carry Arovyn and Draxxin.

As we enter the new year, we are getting ready for lambing, kidding and calving. Please call if you have questions on protocols. We would be happy to help you make a plan.

We have a few different options on colostrum for calves. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ LABELS! The amount of IgG affects the price and the quantity needed.

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