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Yummy food, fun rides and exhibits to see...

Summer is moving fast. We flew through June and now July is speeding by as well. As swim lessons and summer ball slow down, the next adventure is just around the corner... County Fairs!!! For those involved in the animal/ livestock sector of 4-H, FFA or open shows, here are just a few general requirements. Make sure to check with your organization for more detailed requirements.

No animal may enter or be at a public exhibition that is showing clinical signs of any infectious, contagious or communicable disease, including ringworm and warts.

All animals must be examined by the Fair Veterinarian as they enter. They will also be re-examined once during their stay. You should not knowingly bring sick animals to the fair. If you are questioning their health, you need to have them examined by your veterinarian prior to show.

A few general requirements, by species:

Cattle must have an official ID (metal tag or EID tag)

Sheep and goats must have an official ID... No animal within 30 days of giving birth (before or after) should be shown.

Swine must have official ID unless going directly to slaughter following show.

Equine must have a negative EIA test (Coggins) within the last 12 months, unless suckling foal.

Canines over the age of 4 months must have a current Rabies vaccination.

Poultry must be accompanied by individual ID of leg or wing band. For further information on poultry regulations please visit

For more information on exhibition and other state programs and requirements, visit This is a great resource for animal information!!

NO ONE wants to disqualify a child's project, but it is the veterinarians job to prevent the spread of disease. Things to look for before fair...


Skin lesions (pustules, discharge)

vesicles (blistered around lips, mouth, top of hoof

foot rot, hairy heel wart (contagious foot infection)

active pink eye (watery discharge with ulcer)


Severe cough or respiratory distress

High fevers


Redwood County Fair: July 13th-16th

Pipestone County Fair: August 2nd- 5th

Lyon County Fair: August 9th- 13th

Cottonwood County Fair: August 9th- 12th

Murray County Fair: August 14th- 20th

If you are not an exhibitor but enjoy seeing all of the animals, please practice good hygiene... wash your hands, and kids hands before eating!!! Also be respectful of the animals and act in a calm manner.

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