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'Tis The Season....

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Of course I can talk about all of the fun holiday hazards... like poinsettias, people food, ornaments, ribbon and tensile, why not to give pets for presents.... but instead we want to say, thank you!

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND FRIENDS OVER THE PAST YEAR!!!! Thank you for allowing us to help with your pet and livestock needs. Thank you for your patience as we've navigated maternity leaves and short staffed days. Thank you for your patience on our busy days. Thank you for your patience as we navigate backorders and shortages. Thank you for bringing us treats, leaving us tips and showing your appreciation for our services!!!

We also want to thank all of the area veterinary clinics, that have seen patients for us, when we are unavailable. We are lucky to have such good neighboring clinics.

Hope everyone has a safe and healthy and happy holiday season. Spread joy! Little gestures go a long way, on a long day. Buy someone a coffee (or a stronger drink)... send a email/text/card... shovel someone's walk... hold a door... give blood... send treats... be polite!!!


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