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You can't put a price on love... But...

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

... you can put a price on what it takes to care for them!

I recently read an article, dissecting out the annual cost of pet care, their average for a dog was $750-1000. I decided to use my own pet and see how it all adds up. (It would be significantly higher if I added in the treats and toys, but I won't give up the pure joy it brings him to rummage through my shopping bags for his stuff... no matter the cost. He is a large breed, middle aged neutered male.


Annual exam and vaccines (DAPPL2, Rabies, Lyme, 4dx test, exam) $170

Annual heartworm/dewormer and flea/tick control $405

Dog food +$336


Additional procedures or medications:

Dental Cleaning

Mass Removal

Pain Medications

Joint supplements

Bloodwork Total= $695

Grand total =$1,606

Other common considerations for cost:




Emergency visits or specialty visits

New kitten for first year

(vaccines, spay/neuter, dewormer, flea control, feed) $500-800

Annual (exam, vaccines, dewormer, flea control , food) $400-600

Everyone is pinching pennies, with the current cost of EVERYTHING on the rise.... just be mindful of what pets cost. The larger the pet, the more expensive to take care of. Make sure you can budget for the pets before you take them in, it is very heart-breaking for owners and pets to be relinquished due to lack of funds. The adoption fees or purchase price is just the tip of the iceberg.

What all pets should have:

Quality pet food (My favorite brands...Science Diet, Royal Canin, Purina ProPlan, Eukanuba)

Annual exam and vaccinations/deworming- this allows issues to be discussed and addressed early, and preventative measures to keep your animal healthy

Name Brand Flea/Tick control- all products are not created equally. Nexgard, Frontline, Bravecto, Simperica, Revolution... and any other prescription products will give you the best coverage. Over the counter products uses older technology that are either not as safe for your pets or have no efficacy or both!

Friendly Reminder.... Fall is upon us. Remember as you snuggle up on the cool evenings.... FLEAS DO TOO!!!! Make sure your pet continues on flea preventative! We see more flea infestations this time of year than any other!!!

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